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Blum Hinges

Your Specialist for Blum Hinges and Accessories

As official Blum UK distributors, we offer more than just Blum Hinges; we deliver solutions underpinned by quality and functionality. Choose from the most extensive collection of Blum CLIP top BLUMOTIONCLIP top and MODUL cabinet hinges, combined with our expert customer service and discover why Interfit is the trusted name in the UK hinge market.

Quality You Can Trust

Forged from premium European steel and equipped with specially hardened connecting pins, Blum hinges blend cutting-edge technology and award-winning design. Favoured by leading cabinet manufacturers, bespoke joiners, and installers, they embody innovation and quality. Perfect for frequently accessed cabinets, Blum hinges ensure dependable strength and stability, promising seamless performance for years to come.

Versatile Applications

From standard overlay, inset or dual fittings, to complex configurations:

  • Soft Closing Option: Integrated BLUMOTION hinges or clip-on attachments.
  • Wide Door Opening: Hinges for large angles, improving cabinet access.
  • Applications for Thicker Doors: Including 0-protrusion options for doors over 24mm in thickness.
  • Blind Corner Solutions: Designed for both inset and overlay blind corners.
  • Opening Angle Stops: For specific requirements of the furniture design.
  • Angled Cabinetry: Versatile designs for angles ranging from -50° to +50°.
  • Thin Door Solutions: Engineered for doors starting at 8mm thickness.
  • Glass and Mirror Options: CRISTALLO or CLIP top glass hinge options. 

Explore our complete range and find the ideal Blum hinge for your project. Our experts are available to assist you with technical support, ensuring the perfect fit for your manufacturing, cabinet making, or bespoke joinery needs across the UK.