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Flexible Strip Lighting

Simple to use and can be installed almost anywhere. Add depth to the kitchen by illuminating above the wall units, along the plinth or under the worktop edge. Perfect for creating ambient mood lighting. To further enhance aesthetics they can be used inside profiles, which offer an alternative way to secure the strip, diffuse and angle the light.

  • Sensio Polar flexible strip light, available on a 5mtr reel, features leads on both ends, with one end per 2mtr reel. This versatile lighting solution is ideal for various applications, providing ample length for creative installations Flexible polar strip lighting installed along the kitchen plinth, enhancing the modern kitchen's ambiance with a soft glow

    Sensio Polar LED Flexible Strip

    Polar flexible LED strip enhances ambiance by adding depth to furniture. It is particularly effective when used along plinths, shelving, and to accentuate alcoves and recesses. This LED strip delivers uniformly diffused light with no visible LED dots,...

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    £24.56 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Sensio Razor flexible strip lighting,  supplied on 5mtr reel with leads to both ends Flexible Razor LED lighting installed along the underside of kitchen worktop, for enhanced design illumination

    Sensio Razor LED Flexible Strip

    Razor Edge-Lit flexible LED strip lighting is just 2mm thick and perfect for recessed installation, requiring only a simple saw cut. Perfect for handle-less kitchens, seamlessly fitting under worktops to cast a soft, illuminating glow that accentuates...

    £72.12 (Inc. VAT)
    £60.10 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Radiant flexible LED strip light to brighten every corner of practical space ​The Radiant LED flexible strip light can be fully recessed into a routered channel  - simple, unobtrusive but with massive impact!

    Sensio Radiant LED Silicone Strip

    Radiant LED strip lighting outer body is crafted from durable silicone rubber, ideal for recessing into grooves with a simple push-fit, while also ensuring each individual diode is diffused for consistent light. Equipped with advanced neon-flex...

    £58.48 (Inc. VAT)
    £48.73 (Ex. VAT)
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