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Blum REVEGO Launch at KBB 3-6 March 2024

Blum REVEGO Launch at KBB 3-6 March 2024

1st Mar 2024

Discover REVEGO pocket door by Blum, the ultimate space-saving solution that seamlessly blends functionality with style. These innovative pocket systems allow you to effortlessly hide and reveal furniture or entire living areas, offering a new dimension of design flexibility and simplicity in assembly.

In today's urban living spaces, the trend towards open-plan layouts that combine kitchen, dining, and work areas is growing. As living spaces become smaller, the need for smart, space-efficient solutions is more crucial than ever. REVEGO addresses this by providing the ability to swiftly transition between open and private spaces, fostering a cozy and adaptable environment for both large and small rooms.

What sets REVEGO apart is its user-friendly design, featuring Blum's TIP-ON motion technology. A gentle touch is all it takes to open and slide cabinet doors into their pockets, making areas like the kitchen or home office instantly accessible. Closing these spaces is just as easy, ensuring a sleek, tidy look when not in use.

The innovation lies in the simplicity of REVEGO's design and assembly. The system is designed for both single and double door applications, with standard pocket widths that fit seamlessly into existing layouts. Sizes are flexible, accommodating a range of door widths and heights, making REVEGO versatile for any design plan. Pre-assembly by manufacturers means installation is a breeze, requiring just a few steps to complete.

Embrace the future of living with REVEGO, where functionality meets elegance, transforming your living space with the touch of a hand.

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