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Jointing by Lamello


Lamello’s motto is “Pioneering wood joining”. Formed more than 70 years ago, they were the inventors of the original wood biscuit for joining wood and have continued to revolutionise ways to joint wood through continuous development. Lamello is a simple and precise joining system for panels, whether the original Beech wooden system, Clamex S, the detachable connector or the P-System for form locking anchorage, without tools. Installation is facilitated with a Lamello joiner.

The P-System features Tenso, Divario and Clamex P. The high clamping force of Tenso leads to perfectly clamped joints without the need for clamps or presses, regardless of the angle of the work pieces. Alternatively Divario is a knockdown connector used for slide in shelves or partitions to assembled cabinets. In the process, Divario clamps the workpieces together firmly to ensure perfect joints without visible connectors. Clamex P is perfect for permanent or detachable joints at all angles, requiring no adhesive or screws.

Lamello System wood biscuits have stood the test of time. The biscuits easily insert into the groove, yet remain in place even when the furniture is moved. The Clamex S biscuit is again inserted into a groove but is held in place with screws, so no need for glue. The firm connection is easily disconnected with a lever and makes re-assembly of furniture on site simple.

The Drilling System features Cabineo, a one-piece cabinet connector for use with all CNC machines, available in black or white. Cabineo impresses with its time-saving processing and assembly as well as the high clamping force ensuring stable connections.