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Blum Price Review July 2022

Blum Price Review July 2022

6th May 2022

Here at Interfit Furniture Components we really appreciate all business put our way and work very hard for our customers. We always aim to be the most competitively priced supplier of furniture fittings within the industry. As such, if you are pricing for work and have received alternate quotes, we’re happy to review these and look at ways to help.

One of our supply partners, Blum UK wrote to us regarding the impact that the current world events are having on the supply chain and raw material costs. To keep their message clear and consistent, please see below the full communication from David Sanders, Sales and Marketing Director at Blum UK.

As we draw to the end of Quarter 1 of 2022, a year that started with the fervent hope that the challenges of the last 2 years were starting to ease, and stability was being introduced back into our market, we find ourselves being challenged again with further instability being caused by the well-publicised world events.

At Blum we have always tried to approach such instability with a balanced and long-term approach, so as to value the partnerships we have with all sectors of the market.

We have taken our time to react to the recent events, to make sure we can fully consider the impacts of all the supply chain challenges and raw material cost increases.

Having taken all the factors into account we find ourselves having to now take a view on prices going forward, which will mean a general 6.5% price increase on Blum UK products. The only exceptions are the Onyx black finished hinge programmes – where improvements to the finish have resulted in higher costs. All price increases will be effective to all deliveries made on or after 1st July 2022.

Although the price change to Blum is immediate, we believe that it is our duty within our partnership to give sufficient notice to you, our customer.

Therefore, all our partners will receive a detailed quotation for their individual product mix by the end of April, giving you a minimum of 2 months’ notice to consider and prepare for the ramifications to your business.

We fully understand the impact of any price increase to your business, and you can be assured that this decision has not been taken lightly.

Commensurately, if at any time in the future we see a fall in costs across our business, then we will have no hesitation in reversing all or part of this increase.

Unfortunately, and as you are aware, the outlook for 2022 is not positive regarding raw material and overhead costs. At Blum, we remain committed to our ongoing efforts of minimising the impact to you, our partner. You can be confident that any future changes to our pricing structure will only happen when it is unavoidable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and partnership. Hopefully it will not be long before we can all return to a market of stability and certainty, for all our businesses.