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Lamello - Want or need, the eternal question?

Lamello - Want or need, the eternal question?

4th Sep 2023

A need is something that is necessary to function. A want is something that can improve your quality of life.

Is that new tool or machine necessary? Not always but do you want it anyway? Absolutely!

Lamello and their range of cutters certainly make life a lot easier for many applications and in many workshops are used daily. However, you may already own a biscuit joiner and whilst you’d like a nifty Zeta P2Classix X or Top 21, you can’t justify another tool at present.

Lamello have neatly fulfilled this want, by introducing the Clamex S-20. A detachable connector, compatible with any brand biscuit joiner using a 100 x 4 x 22mm cutter.

The connector securely fits into your chosen material using the provided screws. Firmly connected and disconnected via a lever and the minimalistic 6mm access hole, they’re ideal for manufacturing items in the workshop and quickly assembling on site when needed. Awkward angles and mitres are no longer an issue.

Don’t blame us though, if you find you like the versatility of  the Clamex S-20 that much, that you decide to add a Lamello Zeta P2 to your wish list.