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Pull-out shelf lock

Pull-out shelf lock

29th Apr 2020

With space at a premium, but many preferring a streamlined design to their home, it is more important than ever that furniture is multi-functional. This Pull-out shelf lock ensures any shelf fitted with MOVENTO and TANDEM runners locks in place until you want to push it away.

Versatile applications

Pull-out shelves are a useful and convenient addition to all rooms, a bespoke chopping board for the kitchen, a folding space for the utility, keyboard shelf for the home office. The options are endless, the usability and convenience is priceless. All combined with your choice of BLUMOTIONTIP-ON BLUMOTION or TIP-ON.

Easy to use and secure

The lock engages securely on both sides when the pull-out shelf is fully extended and holds firmly in place. It can be easily released with one hand thanks to a synchronisation shaft. To unlock, simply lift the lever.

Optimise your utility

No need to juggle with a basket when appliances are at a higher level. The convenient shelf locks into place and then folds away discreetly when not in use.

Optimise everyday kitchen use

Kitchen appliances can be heavy and seldom used, if tucked away in a cupboard. A Pull-out shelf gives new usability to food mixers, processors and gadgets. Blum 40kg runners will ensure stability regardless of the weight of the product and the shelf lock ensure the shelf remains open if needed.

Temporary home office - no problem.

With working from home becoming the norm, the requirements to create a home office is increasing, however, our living space remains the space. A simple way to multi-purpose your space and keep the work/life balance with items tucking away when not needed.

Easy assembly & Installation

You can upgrade your pull-out shelf with a pull-out shelf lock in just a few steps.

Attach the locking units to the synchronisation shaft.

Position units flush against the shelf using the positioning guide and screw on.

Attach latching elements to the runners using chipboard or system screws.