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SPAX® Screws

SPAX® Screws

28th Jul 2021

NEW in stock - The craftsmen choice

Universal SPAX screws, with their clever designs prove not all screws are the same. Spax have analysed common problems and provided solutions through innovative technology.

The Wirox surface with high protection against corrosion, is free from chromium-VI and, as such is considerably more environmentally friendly than conventional surfaces.

  • A 4CUT point means no requirement for pre-drilling, its point effectively reduces the splitting effect. The square end pushes aside the fibre of the wood and reduces the screwing-in torque.
  • Ground serrations offer quick and secure fastening.
  • MULTI head flush countersinking. Mills in wood and stops on metal.
  • T-STAR plus for a positive and secure fit of the bit i.e. better driving when working overhead.